Polishing my faith

Airports seem to bring out the inner alcoholic that resides in each of us. Our seatmate from Jackson had a little Irish with his coffee. Okay, he had a lot of Irish with his coffee, and we departed Jackson at the relatively early hour of 7:50 a.m.

Into Atlanta-Hartsfield by 9:50 a.m., and the bars and cafes were lined with half drunk glasses of wine, mixed drinks, and foamy glasses of beer, all accompanied by people with wild eyed looks on their faces. I’ll admit, I was judgemental. It wasn’t even 10 in the morning, and everywhere I looked, folks were getting sloshed.

We encountered our first delay quickly, pushing our 12:15 departure time back until 1 pm. While we ate an excellent meal at PF Chang’s (you really can’t go wrong there), we encountered our second delay. This one until 3:07. Did I mention we have very expensive theater tickets tonight in Chicago? The wine bar near our gate is looking better by the minute.

Fortunately, this terminal has an Express Spa. How awesome is that? So, rather than tipple before 5 pm (my usual witching hour), I’m getting a pedicure. And, a mini massage. Beautiful Atlanta native, Freida, is gently polishing my worries away. Life is good, isn’t it?

We have a tendency to get frazzled when the least things go amiss in our lives. Flight delays, traffic snarls, long lines at the checkout with a whiny child in our cart (or the one behind us). We’ve become such a “fast food” society. If we can’t have it when we want it, we have a fit, show our road (or airport) rage, or take it out on some poor, defenseless kid just trying to make her way through college. Or, we turn to some external source to ease our frayed nerves. Whether your poison is alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, or food, they’re all equally harmful. What is the matter with us? Why can’t we learn to cope?

I think the answer is a pretty simple one. We always forget to turn to the one who can truly alleviate our worries. The only One who fills that God shaped hole in our souls. The One who can give us the peace to step away from that bottle or that cake; make us remember to allow others to see Him in us, and soothe our troubled souls.

As I sit and enjoy sweet Freida’s ministrations to my feet, I’m reminded that Jesus tended to the feet of His disciples, much to their consternation. But, He was teaching them and us a lesson. Giving a reminder that we are here to serve others, not to allow our temporary discomforts to become impediments to their knowledge of Him. How often have I been guilty of letting my frayed nerves make my tongue sharp? Way too many times, I’m afraid.

Whatever your troubles today, take a breath, step back from it, say a prayer, and allow God to give you peace. Go get an unplanned pedicure. Go for a run. Walk outside and look at the sky. These are temporary troubles, anyway. And, in comparison to a world filled with pain, my troubles are small and insignificant. My theater tickets are actually insured against flight delays.


I even had time to let the polish dry.

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