Exhausted in DC

So, I’m sitting in Reagan National, feet propped up on my carry on, sipping hot tea and looking forward to sleeping in my bed tonight. Nice trip, but I’m beat.

We arrived in DC on Saturday, and set out immediately to see the sights. The White House, National Mall, and dinner at Old Ebbit Grill. It rained on us, but it was a warm, easy rain, so we just enjoyed it. I brought my pro camera (Big Bertha), who weighs about 6-8 lbs all decked out. That may not sound like much, but she gets heavy after a couple of miles. I was game, though, and got some nice shots. Over the last 3 1/2 days, we put roughly 30 miles on our feet, and cycled another 11 or so.

The weather was spectacular, and we rented bikes on Sunday to spare my back a little effort. The bikes were tanks, nothing like my sweet little road bike, but I got used to it fairly quickly & we set off. Traffic was tough, pedestrian tourists were worse, but it sure eased the strain on my back. Walked most of the day, though. Trying to avoid pedestrians became tough as the crowds got more congested.

After dinner Sunday night, we got back on the bikes and headed up to Arlington Cemetery to see the Marine memorial. Excellent. I was hesitant about the night ride after the traffic issues from earlier, but I’m so glad we did it. Perfect weather, perfect ride.

Mt. Vernon on Monday, Braves/Nats game Monday night, Smithsonians on Tuesday, Braves/Nats game Tuesday night, and this girl is wiped out. Tired, but happy.

I was going to upload some of my favorite iPhone pics, but a spotty wi-fi connection has worn my patience thin. I’ll upload a picture post, along with my favorite and not so favorite things in DC when I get home, hopefully later this evening. Our flight to Atlanta has been delayed an hour, so I’m hoping we make our connection to Jackson. Oh, the joys of airline travel.

4 thoughts on “Exhausted in DC

  1. Linda says:

    Love your posts!!! Martha was there – SURELY you saw her – flew home today too!!!!! They did Mt Vernon Monday also!!


  2. Martha Pierce says:

    We were delayed about that long or longer! What was your initial flight number and what did you end up coming home on?


    • jaynerich says:

      Martha, we were on Delta 1435 out of DC. Missed our 4:30 connection, on standby for 5:55, then finally got on the 8:30 flight that actually left ATL at 10:30. We got home about 1:30. Loooooong day, but I’ve had a nap today, so I’m feeling human again. Well, more or less. 😉


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