Pressing reset

I’ve become something of a computer techie. Only in a minor way, but if you are a professional photographer in today’s market, you better know something about computers. Most of my knowledge has been learned in the school of hard knocks, but I have traveled far and wide to increase my abilities and try to become more literate in a world that was foreign to me a very short time ago. One of the first lessons I learned was get the best equipment. So it was that I went out of the PC world and landed in Apple land. I immediately had fewer problems. But, as polished as my Apple was, it still had issues occasionally. So, I had to learn to troubleshoot. The first thing I learned was that when you have an issue, it sometimes resolves when you reset. Turn off, unplug, let it rest, then reboot. Problem solved.

I try to always apply lessons learned in life to my running, and vice versa. When I found myself out of steam recently, looking frantically for my mojo, I knew just what to do. Press reset. So, that’s what I did.

I’ve spent the last couple of months just running for pleasure. I turned off the competitive vibe, and let myself reset. I had some trips planned, had fantastic runs on them, ate way too much Italian food, drank quite a lot of wine, smelled a lot of roses, and now I’m ready to run. If running has taught me nothing else, it’s taught me how to press the reset button on my mojo. I’m ready.

I’ve always been a runner who was more inclined to stop and smell the roses rather than to run for them, but I’m ready to test myself now. That doesn’t mean that I won’t continue to stop and smell the roses occasionally. It just means that I’m ready to be more intentional about my training. I’m ready to be leaner and faster. I’m ready to push.


So, along those lines, I’m following a couple of different training plans. I’m easing into more mileage by adding a fourth running day to my week. Right now, that’s just an easy day, with two to three miles. But, I’m also adding an interval workout once a week. I had my first one this past week and, may I just say, “OW.” I think that describes the workout perfectly.

I will continue to run long, but I don’t have another race scheduled until after Thanksgiving, and for that, I’m thankful right now. I’m sure I’ll pick up some short races between now and then, but I’m not going to plan those too far in advance. Right now, I’m concentrating on increasing my speed, decreasing my girth, and, yes, smelling the wonderful smells that spring in South Mississippi brings. So, there may be a few stops to smell the honeysuckle. And, of course, as a professional photographer, it’s almost impossible not to stop and take an occasional pic to commemorate the rites of spring. It’s so wonderfully green.


But, I’m ready now. I’ve pressed reset, I’ve rested a few, and now it’s time to pick up the mantle and run.

One thought on “Pressing reset

  1. mizunogirl says:

    I hate intervals. I need to be writing a bit about my running. SO much going on these days its hard to get time.


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