Emptying my cup

“I’m not responsible for filling your cup. I’m just responsible for emptying mine.” Andy Stanley

My mojo is returning. But, like a starving wild animal easing stealthily toward its food source, it is shy and fragile, easily scared away. So, I’m tiptoeing around it, running easily, planning runs that soothe my soul and tease my mojo into raising its head and joining me in earnest. I have a half marathon on Saturday that I’m running, but I’ve decided to run it naked, in deference to my mojo. Don’t be scared, though, or avoid Hattiesburg in the fear that you’ll see something you shouldn’t, that just means I’m going without electronics. I’m not going to be a slave to my pace, but try to savor each moment and remember why I started running in the first place. Time enough for goal setting and pushing hard after the race.

I woke early this Easter morning. I actually set my alarm for 6:30 (which won’t be early enough when the heat comes), so that I could enjoy the dawn, remember, and give thanks for that Easter morning so many centuries ago. I was awake before it went off and lay in bed listening to the birds singing their morning song and being humbly thankful for my salvation. I got up and read the Resurrection story in each of the gospels and savored each word as though it was the first time I read it. Then, coffee and a quick breakfast saw me out the door for my run.

As I ran, I listened to Northpoint Community Church’s podcast, as I so often do, and in one of them, Andy Stanley made the above captioned quote. As I thought about it, it made me reflect on how well I am emptying my cup. I’ve been so concerned that I was filling other’s cups, that I’ve often neglected to pour mine on the world. I’ve only recently learned some of what is in my cup, now it’s time to concentrate on pouring it out.

It actually comes as something of a relief that I don’t have to worry whether I’ve filled your cup, my responsibility is done after emptying mine. In other words, what you do with what I (or anyone else) give you is entirely up to you. I’ve spent way too much time worrying about other people’s actions or reactions, and not nearly enough time giving of myself. It’s time to change that. It’s time to empty my cup. Give of my gifts and not worry about the return, or the lack thereof.

The return of spring with its warm, soft breezes, smell of honeysuckle and gardenia, blooming and renewal of the earth, promise of rebirth and new hope all work together to coax my mojo out of hiding. With its return, I plan to honor my responsibilities and pour out my cup. To discover my gifts and be generous with them so that, at the end of my days, the measure of my life will be evident by what I’ve left behind.

“The true value of a life is measured by how much of it is given away.” Andy Stanley

Happy Easter, my friends.


One thought on “Emptying my cup

  1. mizunogirl says:

    Happy Easter to you!!!!!


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