I’m ready

The beach turned into a different place over the weekend. The blue haired, black sock and tennis shoe wearing snow birds have melted into bleach blonds with teeny weeny bikinis and flip flops. To be fair, some of bikini wearers also have blue hair, just a slightly different hue.

The peaceful quiet of the beach has erupted with college kids on spring break littering the sand with beer cans and kids digging holes to Middle Earth that present ankle hazards on my late evening beach walk. No more solitary walks at sunset, or peaceful days spent working quietly with the windows and doors open wide to enjoy the sound of the surf. As Gary and I are closer to the black socks with tennis shoes generation than the teeny weeny bikini one, we are ready to go home. I don’t begrudge them their beach time, I just don’t want to be a part of it. Sheesh, I’m turning into a real old fogey.

It’s been a productive stay. I got some work accomplished, not as much as I wanted to, but more than I thought I would. Race weekend was fun, and since that weekend, Gary and I have tried almost every restaurant along 30A. I can tell you who serves the best key lime pie south of Highway 98, which restaurants to put on your to do list, and the ones to avoid. I’ve had a small vineyard of wine, haven’t run like I should, and eaten more bread and dairy in the last two weeks than I’ve eaten in the last six months. But, almost every day brought a bike ride and a beach walk, so I’m not beating myself up too much. Of course, now I feel overfed and sluggish, but getting home and back to our routines will help with that. And, all that biking and beach walking was very therapeutic for Gary’s leg.

I finished up one last work project this evening, then we went for our last sunset beach walk for a while. We didn’t know when we planned this trip so many months ago how well timed it would turn out to be. The perfect way to lick my wounds, and let the waves wash over me with their healing powers. We didn’t know this would be a trip used to grieve my dad, work out some kinks in our minds and bodies, as well as spend some quality time together away from our regular routines. It’s been a quiet, magical time; filled with joy and sadness. It’s been a time I am most humbly thankful for. I wish that all huge life events came with a month long grace period at the beach right after.

I am ready for home, for spring, and all that it brings. I’m ready for the dogwoods to bloom and the world to be green again. I’m ready for warmer temps when I run. I’m ready to sweat and not be cold. I’m ready to rejoin the world, with a heart full and at peace.

I’m ready to return here soon.

Blue Mountain Beach, Florida

Blue Mountain Beach, Florida

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