Celebrating Life

I turned 51 today. Holy moly, that sounds old!! Funny thing though, it doesn’t feel old. I don’t mind being old, but I do mind feeling old. There are a lot of advantages to growing older, not the least of which is wisdom earned in the school of hard knocks. I’m proud of most of my knocks, and learned something from the ones I’m not so proud of.

Of course, many of you know that I spent my birthday at the hospital with my man, who is recovering from leg surgery. Before you feel sorry for me, though, let me tell you about my day. It started with a short, fast run that felt amazing in the cool morning air. AND, I got to use my new toy, a birthday gift from the old broken one. 😉 Check it out:


He’s always been great about reading my mind and getting me exactly what I want for my birthday. Of course, the e-mail that I sent him on Monday with the link directly to this and my VIP password probably helped move things along. Loved running with it this morning. I have had an older Garmin for several years which I loved, but it is large and clunky. This one is small and light, and looks a lot more feminine. And, it’s pink! I think we’ll get along just fine.

After my run, I did a quick Starbucks detour on my way back to the hospital. I got my usual – a venti soy au lait, and I indulged in a rare treat, a pumpkin cream cheese muffin. I picked out treats for Gary and headed back to the room to share our morning coffee. The sweet, gooey, stickiness of my muffin was worth every single calorie. I allowed myself a couple of other eating treats throughout the day. Gary ordered the red velvet cake with his lunch because he knew it was my favorite, and it was pretty tasty for cafeteria food. And, I had a bag of real potato chips and a Coke Zero. I know, my treats sound pretty sad, but I rarely eat processed foods, and have completely eliminated sugar and all artificial sweeteners from my life, so those are rare indulgences for me. They were delightful. I spent the afternoon in a fairly comfortable recliner, bundled against the freezing temps in our room, sunlight streaming on my face, and in the company of the other man in my life, Detective Harry Bosch. If you’re a Michael Connely fan, you know just who I mean. I was able to look up periodically at the handsome face of my favorite man, who is getting along well today, and we had a visit from our daughter around lunch. The heebie jeebies set in from the enforced stillness about four, so I went for a nice, easy walk. Top that off with the many texts, Facebook messages, calls, e-mails, and even a visit from seldom seen family, and I think I’m extraordinarily blessed. Does life get any sweeter? I think not.

This is the time of year I always set new goals. I’m not a big January 1 goal setter, because my new year begins on October 6 every year. So, I’ve spent the day thinking of my goals for the upcoming year, and I’ll share some of them here with you.

1. Increase the time I spend in the Word. I read a lot, many things that are spiritually uplifting and instructional, but nothing beats time spent alone with God reading His gift to me.

2. Put 1000 miles on my feet by my next birthday. I’m trying to bump my weekly mileage back up, and want it to stay around 20-30 miles per week. Running and walking miles will count toward this goal, as staying injury free is also one of my goals.

3. Get my 5k time below 30 minutes by late spring of 2013, and my half marathon time below 2:30 by fall of 2013.

4. Write something everyday. I usually blog once a week, and journal on a fairly regular basis, but writing is a craft that I want to hone. If you want to be a runner, you have to run, and if you want to be a writer, you have to write.

5. Read something inspirational everyday.

6. Be kinder, more patient, and more loving with those around me, remembering that this life is not about me. Becoming selfless is a life long quest.

7. And, last, but not least, begin thinking about training for a full marathon in the spring of 2014. I’ve been waiting for that desire to return, and feared it never would. But, this month’s Runner’s World magazine had a large spread about last year’s NYC marathon (which I finished, if you recall) which brought back those exciting memories and with them a flood of desire to try it again. That finish was wonderful and fulfilled a bucket list item for me, but I didn’t come anywhere near my time goal due to a pesky injury that made me limp/walk almost half the distance. I want to train smarter and longer and search for a flat, fast course where it’s warm (but not hot) in the early spring of 2014. Then, my man has said he would run NYC with me when I run it again – hopefully in November of 2014. Granted, he was on painkillers when he promised, but I’m putting it in writing so he can’t back out.

I’ll leave you with this quote:


2 thoughts on “Celebrating Life

  1. urdmbfan@yahoo.com says:

    Jayne Richards…..YOU ROCK!!!!!
    Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry


  2. michelle says:

    Nice post…….so glad for other believers!


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