Finally home

I’m completely humbled by God’s graciousness. I awoke in St. Louis, MO, this morning, and I’ll lay my head down in my bed tonight.

We arose bright and early to the SLU ortho team, as has been the case each morning this week. They are a team of doctors, residents and interns who make the rounds of their cases each morning, then get on with their day elsewhere in the bowels of the hospital. Very Gray’s Anatomy, but not as much fun on this side of the tube.

This morning, they took the dressing off Gary’s leg & looked at his wounds to make sure they are not showing signs of infection. They, then, showed me how to clean and dress the pin sites, as well as the wound incisions, and gave me instructions about signs of infection and what to do if I see those. After they signed off, it was just a matter of time until we could head out.

Waiting for a ride

After a consultation with our pilot, it was decided that the weather looked better for today than tomorrow, so we started getting ready to leave. I can’t thank the trauma team, nurses, social services, and aides at Mercy Hospital enough for all their help getting things lined up to get Gary to the airport. Too many people to thank, just let me say that God’s fingerprints have been all over every move, every decision, each hand, and each new relationship that has been formed this week. Our beautiful nurse today, Kristina, asked to lead us in a prayer before we embarked, and her sweet, personal, heart felt prayer was the first time this week that I cried. I’m so thankful for the people God has brought across our path this week, from the paramedics at the race site to the talented doctors and staff at Mercy Hospital, all the way to the ambulance team who took Gary to the airport, the pilot He provided, and precious friends who met us at the airport and got us safely home. God. Is. Good. Don’t ever doubt it.

They let us board here, even though we don’t really qualify 🙂

Getting loaded into the plane

Papaw (Gary’s dad) flew up with the pilot to drive Dexter home

Trying to get comfy on board

Goodbye St. Louis!

The flight went smoothly, and the relief I felt as the ground beneath us got greener and the sights became more familiar is only surpassed by the anticipation I feel about being able to sleep in my bed with its very high thread count sheets and my own pillows beneath my head. My wonderful brother in law brought me a bottle of my favorite pinot noir, so I’m also looking forward to a nice hot bath in my tub with a glass of wine close by. Big Bang is on the TV, and the comfort of our surroundings is enhanced by my love of Sheldon & company.

Help deplaning from old friend, Jim Griffith and new friend, pilot Tommy Wade

Tough old dude walking across the tarmac to the car

Our chariot home – great flight! Thanks, Tommy!

Gary did really well. I’ve always known he is strong and tough as old shoe leather, but his ability to endure excrutiating pain with stoicism has completely surpassed anything I thought possible. He is asleep in his chair, with his blanket drawn up to his chest right now. His belly is full of food that I prepared in my own kitchen, which brought me a lot of comfort as well. There is a lot to be said for the familiarity of routine.

Monday will find us at the clinic with our own doctor. There is a lot of comfort in that, too. Having a doctor that you know and trust is vital in situations like this, and it will be good to see Dr. Rouse and get his views on all this. We will be making the decision about who will do Gary’s surgery after we see Dr. Rouse, so your prayers for our wisdom and discernment are solicited.

20 Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think. Ephesians 3:20

7 thoughts on “Finally home

  1. Linda Pierce says:

    Glad y’all made it home…Prayers continuing


  2. says:

    Praise God! So glad ur both home…..nothing like it…….all my love & continued prayers……because indeed God is always good!
    Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry


  3. msamyl says:

    Love and prayers, as always from the Beech house!


  4. mizunogirl says:

    So glad to see this. What an adventure! Keep washing your hands, and making sure EVERYONE else does around Gary. ANd I hope the right surgeon is right there for his case! heck I know the right surgeon is there.


    • jaynerich says:

      Thank you, Holly! I’m trying to keep everything meticulously clean, it’s a little exhausting, but I know I’ll be glad I did.

      And, I know you’re right about the surgeon. We have a lot of faith in our ortho guy, have known him for years & he’s operated successfully on Gary & me both at various times. He doesn’t do much surgery anymore, and won’t do this one, but he will be able to help guide us where we need to go. I’m glad you said that you know it, as well. I’ll admit, by the end of the week, Gary & I were more than a little tired of hearing that there is no one in Mississippi qualified to do this surgery. After some deeper conversations, though, I realized that there is a big divide between physicians who are academics (at teaching hospitals like where we were)and those in private practice. I’m confident that we will find exactly who we need, at the exact moment we need them. Thanks for your continued prayers!


      • mizunogirl says:

        you know Jayne, if there is NO one in Mississippi, Please consider coming own to Orlando Regional Medical Center. I have a friend whose husband just had something similar and he is doing great. I’ll do my best to help and I’ll def get you running while you are here. Don’t go with someone substandard, just let God guide you.


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