A three pot kind of day

Whew! It’s been a long, but productive day. It started really early, as it has each morning, with the SLU trauma team before 6 am, and didn’t settle down until very late in the day.  I was in what Kaitlyn (our youngest daughter) calls full on “crazy lady” mode until well after lunch.  Gary and I have been at our computers, on the phone, and meeting with hospital personnel to help coordinate our efforts to return home.  In between phone calls, we had an army of doctors come through, as well as physical and occupational therapists, who are working with Gary to ensure a relatively smooth transition as he leaves their care.

We had some visitors who gave us a tremendous boost around lunch.   Kaitlyn, along with my beautiful niece, Lindsey, and my great nephew, Gatlin (the coolest kid ever) were “in the neighborhood” and dropped in to see us.  I was able to have a nice lunch with them, then they headed off on the final leg of their long planned road trip to see my oldest sister, Libby & her youngest son’s family to help celebrate my sweet great nephew, Mycaiah’s, birthday.  Nice to see faces from home & hear that great southern drawl. They talk really fast up here! I was excited to get Gatlin kisses.  They’re the best!  One of the coolest things about Gatlin is his absolute delight in all things new.  He has a zest for life and heads into it full tilt.  He loved everything about the hospital, including Gary’s acrobat bar on his bed.  Uncle Gary demonstrated how much fun he is having by swinging back and forth on it like a monkey.  Gatlin had his own brush with disaster the same day Gary did;  he ran into a moving car.  Yes, I did say that he ran into the car (while it was in motion), not the other way around.  His face bears the wounds, but, at least the car is okay, I think.  We’re a strange bunch.

After a crazy, overly full morning that involved way too much coffee, Gary made me a nest on his bed beside him & I was able to get the first quality rest I’ve had since this happened. Much needed comfort time with my man.

Anyway, I’ll be brief on the update, as nothing is completely firmed up.  At this point we’ll be heading home on Sunday by charter plane, then we’ll meet with Dr. Rouse at Southern Bone & Joint on Monday to figure out when/where/who will be doing Gary’s bone repair surgery.  We’re hoping for a clean wound pronouncement tomorrow, so that we can be discharged early Sunday.  Gary is still in a great deal of pain & will be wearing the external fixator that’s keeping his bones stable until they are able to fix his leg.  However, they are able to manage his pain so far, and we will leave here with the ability to keep it managed until he sees Dr. Rouse.

The external fixator – quite a contraption

Prayer request for the next few days: Manageable pain, travel plans will flow smoothly and that Gary will have a pain free trip home, I’ll stay out of “crazy lady” mode (that crazy lady spins her wheels and doesn’t get enough accomplished)

I do hope that I don’t get a cut of any kind before we get home. It would be kind of embarrassing to bleed coffee.

3 thoughts on “A three pot kind of day

  1. Sandy says:

    Jayne you don’t know me I am Mel’s friend but I want you to know I am praying for you and your “man” and I think you are a great writer!! Your blog is awesome!


    • jaynerich says:

      Thank you, Sandy! It is truly comforting to me to know that there are voices lifting us high in times of trouble, including voices of people that we have never met or may barely know. The bond of our faith makes us strong and makes us sisters, in spite of never having met. Thank you, again, and please don’t stop praying!!


  2. lisa wade says:

    You got it sister…..prayers continually going up!!!! Love you!!!! Lisa


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