God is good. All the time.

First obstacle overcome!  Gary’s surgery went well today, they were able to close both of the fasciotomy wounds.  We had been cautioned that the first try was not always successful, especially with the amount of swelling that Gary had.  There was even the possibility of a skin graft in the event a second try was also unsuccessful.  Never, never, never underestimate the power of prayer!  I have had a lot of peace about all of this, and that truly doesn’t come from me.   That comes from God’s laying his hand on my heart and breathing His calming sigh into my soul.  And, as my words and prayers have been difficult to articulate, I depended on my prayer warriors to voice them and lift us high, as you did!   Thank you, friends!  Don’t stop now.

We’ll be making some decisions in the next few days, and hopefully will be headed south by early next week (maybe Monday).  The next step will be equally difficult, and of course Gary is facing a long recovery.  But, his doctor told me today that his overall health and fitness are one of the main reasons his surgery today went well and why she’s very optimistic about his speedy recovery.  His nurses will be sad to see him go, he is much more mobile and able to get around than their usual patients.  And, his post op nurse thought he was the funniest man she had ever met.  Favorite patient ever.  Yes, our Gary.  The life of the party.  Those of you who know him well know just how funny that is.

We got him back to the room and he was his usual grouchy self again.  At least until supper came.  Chocolate chip cookies!  His pain level is manageable, and we’ll know by Saturday when we can go home.  And no wound vac!  Yay!

Camera shy, as usual

I put my running clothes on this morning, partly out of habit, partly because they’re comfy, and partly because, somewhere, in the back of my mind, I was hoping for a run in my day. And, behold, God provided even that! In our post op consult, Dr. Cannada asked me if I had found a good spot to run and I told her no. I got a run in earlier this week, but I wouldn’t say it was a great place. She told me a couple of nice runs in walking distance, so when I got Gary settled and he was doing so well, I headed out. I was actually just going to walk, but I had my running gear on, and my body said, “Go!” So, I went. It was a short one, but definitely a much needed soul soother. The air was cool, the path was clear, and my man is going to be okay.

Life is good.

5 thoughts on “God is good. All the time.

  1. urdmbfan@yahoo.com says:

    Praise God for the great news! We will keep lifting Gary up for healing…..so ya’ll can come home soon…..luv u girl!!!!
    Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry


  2. Sandy Easterling says:

    God is good!!!!!!


  3. Leigh Worrell says:

    Praying! Awesome news. You are such an inspiration to me Jayne and have been for years!!!!! Love you girl. Be safe.


  4. Linda Pierce says:

    GREAT news ! Keep us posted!


  5. Christy says:

    You got me all misty on this one! Praising our Glorious God with you! So glad your hubby is a o k!! Life is good!


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