Taking it to the streets

I tried to get Gary to get a cab back to the hotel on our last night after dinner. We saw this on the walk back. I hate it when he’s right.

Same Washington statue 12 hours later

The view of Copley Square from our room. Boston Public Library is to the left.

We’ve been back for a week, but last week was about catching up – on work, on sleep, on laundry. I’m finally taking the time to post about our wonderful weekend in Boston, I’ll be light on words, and just share a lot of images. I didn’t take my big camera, it was a weekend trip, and we were trying to travel light, so all the images are just iPhone pics. Will definitely take the big camera when we go back.

My favorite way to explore a city is always on foot, and Boston was probably my favorite city to explore this way so far. It is very runner/walker friendly, as it should be, I guess, being the host of the oldest footrace in the country. Over the course of 2 1/2 days, we put over 30 miles on our legs, not all of them running, but the running miles were fairly hard miles (for me, anyway). The weather was perfect, even on our first day when it rained – it was an easy, warm rain that just enhanced the beauty of the run. I could have hurt myself running in this city, it’s that beautiful. Of course, seeing that it took me a week to get back to running after we got home (except one short 3 miler last week), I guess you could say I did hurt myself. I was just tired from all the travel, though, and decided a few days off wouldn’t hurt me.

We walked all over the city, saw many of the sights, spent a lot of time at Fenway Park (sad our Braves lost 2 of the 3 games, but enjoyed the energy and history of the stadium – those Sox fans are serious!), went to see Blue Man Group, ate some excellent food, and enjoyed every minute of our trip. The lobster roll I had at Fenway ranks as my #1 meal at a ballpark ever!

Glad to be home for a while, but will, without doubt, head back to Boston as soon as I can think of a good excuse to do it. Hope you enjoy some of the sights of our trip.

First Baptist Church of Boston

Swan Lake at Boston Public Gardens

The Massachusets State House

My kind of Starbucks

As seen on my run along the Charles River

The closest I’ll probably ever get to the finish line at Boston

Fairmont Copley lobby

Fenway Park!!

Beautiful Trinity Church in Copley Square

The window seat in our room overlooking Copley Square

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