The end of the road for now

My wackadoo husband decided to drive through the night to make the return journey home. So, the trip that we took three days to do going up, we accomplished in a day and a half coming home. Can you tell we missed our bed?

The mid-west has been on our bucket list for a while, and it delivered in spades. The Black Hills drew me like no other mountains ever have, and I think the explanation lies in the vastness of them. The wide open feel and the bluest skies I’ve ever seen. Coming back to Mississippi’s piney woods would almost make me feel claustrophobic if I didn’t love them so much. We enjoyed exploring some of the touristy landmarks, as well as jumping off the beaten path a little. We will assuredly return, as there are many trails we want to hike. Also, I didn’t get to see a mountain lion or an eagle, so a return trip is necessary. If I could see it from a safe vantage point, I wouldn’t even mind seeing one of those rattlesnakes that all those signs warned us about. Well, maybe.

There were only a couple of things that I didn’t care for. I think I’m on record about the lack of grits available for this southern girl. I mean, seriously. All that corn, and they couldn’t have grits on a single menu? That was a little thing, though, and we stopped for grits this morning as soon as we got into Mississippi (at 5 am). The only other thing was the lack of night time. It gets light before 4 am and doesn’t get dark til after 9. Official sunrise/sunset times were 5:05 and 8:31. It really taxed this old girl’s sleep cycles to get a sunset/sunrise shot in the Badlands, as we were only there for one night. But, it was worth it. And, I can sleep when I’m home.

Deadwood, South Dakota is a really cool town if you’re into old west history. The entire town is an historic landmark, with it’s biggest claim to fame being that it’s the place that Wild Bill Hickok was killed. He, as well as Calamity Jane, and other historic Deadwood figures, such as Seth Bullock are buried in Mount Moriah cemetery. A must see, but be sure to wear good walking shoes and be aware that the cemetery is almost completely vertical. The only thing I wasn’t crazy about in Deadwood was the overabundance of casinos. Not being gamblers, these don’t interest us, but as I toured some of the museums and read the history, I came to realize that the gambling tax base is the money that was used to restore the town. And it is the Wild West, right?

And, Mount Rushmore. I haven’t had a chance to process those images, hope I’ll get to work on them this week. I’ll have a post about that mountain later.

So, we’re home for a couple of days to sort through mail and keep the wolves from the door. Then, off to Boston for the weekend to see our beloved Braves playing at Fenway Park. Another bucket list item.

By the end of the trip, I was referring to Gary’s white panel van that I’ve made such fun of as “our” van, instead of “your creepy white van.” It’s great for hauling gear, and provided a fairly comfortable rest during the long hours of the drive last night. We’re already thinking about another road trip in it for the fall. We have a really long bucket list.


3 thoughts on “The end of the road for now

  1. michelle says:

    Glad you made it home! Yay!
    My children got to see a rattlesnake while in Custer’s state park….almost too up close and personal. My daughter just reach a crevis to grip while pulling herself up those big boulders and hisssss, or whatever they do…there it was. It didn’t strike, thankfully! She just eased down and they went off to climb elsewhere. Mount Rushmore is a place you have to stand back and study…I know what you mean. Kinda like Grand Canyon…..

    Boston? Wow! Another of my favorite places. It is where my son learned to navigate the subway for us! He did a great job. We didn’t get to tour the fenway park much less see a game there. We did buy the boston go card which had that on its list of paid for tours. It was a great place I would like to go back to visit. Have fun and discover all the running places for me. 😛


  2. Great blog and photos. Some day you’ll have to go to an actual midwestern state. 🙂


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