Follow your heart

I realized something yesterday. Something kind of amazing. I have the heart of an athlete. I’m not talking about VO2max, or endurance strength. I’m talking about a spirit of adventure. The desire to push my body to see what it’s capable of, to constantly challenge myself and reach for new highs. That’s new for me. Even when I ran when I was in my 30’s, that desire wasn’t there. Running was a means to an end then, it was about weight management and stress relief. It was never about challenging myself.

I made this realization on a trail hike at Devil’s Tower, Wyoming. It was not a challenging hike at all, in fact it was really easy. But, as I looked up that sheer rock face, it dawned on my that I would like to try my hand at scaling that wall. Now, if you read my last post, or if you were looking at the Badlands from a satellite position somewhere above the atmosphere on Thursday, and you saw me crab walking down that crumbly, sheer faced rock, you’re probably laughing out loud about now. I know that I’m not physically up to the challenge of climbing Devil’s Tower, but I also know that I could be. And, that will be something I work toward over the next year. Wow, never thought I would say that.

The last two days have been filled with fun adventures. Gary & I are early risers and we hit the major tourist attractions in and around Deadwood. Mount Rushmore was on Friday, after a really early start in order to get a sunrise shot in the Badlands. Mount Rushmore deserves its own post, though, so that will probably be tomorrow’s blogpost as we begin the journey back home. Gary went back to Upton, Wyoming today to compete in a motorcycle race, and I’m left to my own devices. The first order of business was a really nice long run on George S Mickelson Trail, a rails to trails project that begins in Deadwood and ends over a 100 miles up the track. I only ran the first 3.5 so that I could get in a 6 miler, but it was truly a beautiful, worship filled run. It was just me, the deer, lots of rabbits, and God. I stopped often and made pictures, so it wasn’t a particularly fast run, but I made up for it on the last 3 miles. I’m only including one of those images here.

There may come a day that I can no longer run, no longer dream of the ability to scale a sheer rock face. But, praise God, today is not that day.

4 thoughts on “Follow your heart

  1. michelle says:

    Devil’s Tower was one of my favorite places to visit in 2008. It was spectaular. We got bison burgers at the kitchen place right outside of the park. That hike was really nice and great for the legs!!! I think I did twice. I, on the other hand, do not have the heart or desire to scale that wall. We got pictures of people climbing it while we were there and it would just be tooooo scary! You go for it, girl!


    • jaynerich says:

      I loved Devil’s Tower, too! Despite the name, it was a very spiritual experience. And I’m a loooooooong way from being able to scale that rock face. I just think it’s something I want to work toward. Maybe. We actually saw a couple of climbers, too, even though the park service asks them to voluntarily suspend climbing during the month of June out of respect for the Indian rites performed during that time. Looking up at him (or her – couldn’t really tell from where I was), the thought hit me that I would really like to try my hand at that. We’ll see. Like I said, I’m a long way from being able to do that.


  2. Beth Pierce says:

    Jayne, I don’t know what made you decide to “friend” me on dailymile, but I’m so glad you did. I love your life, and I love that you are willing to share it via the blog. You are truly the inspiration I was looking for….thanks so much for including me in your life! Beth Pierce


    • jaynerich says:

      Beth, your comment makes me smile! I LOVE how God works, bringing us exactly what we need right when we need it. Thank you so much for your kind words, and know that if I am any inspiration, it’s all Him. My prayer is that I continue to try to bring glory & honor to Him through my fitness journey and blog, and I hope you continue to gain some inspiration from it. All I ask in return is that you pay it forward. Show someone else that we’re never too old to begin our journey to fitness. Thanks again & I love reading your workout posts – keep them up! I also love blog comments. 😉


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