Just 1,470 miles to go! The bags are packed, the house sitter has her instructions, e-mails are answered, work is put on hold for a couple of weeks, and we’re off.

We’re traveling in Gary’s newest acquisition, a white Ford panel van. We’ve all taken a shot or two at him about it, and it still makes me laugh when I look at it. My nephew, Nick, & I laughed about it so hard when Gary brought it home that my sides ached & I think Nick had an asthma attack. But I have to admit, I love having the ability to take everything we need – and apparently we need quite a lot. In true Gary fashion, we have all the cool toys we need to get us there: the latest GPS tools, brand new Sirius satellite system, his Father’s day present from me – a new Ipod downloaded with ALL his cd’s (my weekend project), two laptop computers, an Ipad, and his motorcycle. He’s even built me a great little desk so that I can write while we travel. We also have lots of low tech accessories. An atlas, a great book on the national parks of the American west, a cooler full of snacks, a few hardcover books, and the piece de resistance for any hippy van – a scented turquoise and wood carved turtle to hang from the rearview mirror . Not to mention all my camera gear. We are truly “the Complete Travelers”.

We are headed on a 22 hour trip to Deadwood, South Dakota. I can’t express how excited I am, this will be my first trip westward, and I know it will be the first of many. We’re taking several days along the journey, stopping at various locations to sightsee and run, and hopefully I’ll have some images to share along with my posts.

When I told my niece (who has two small children) that the trip was going to take 22 hours, she was horrified. What she doesn’t realize yet is that being empty nesters brings back all that joy of exploration that you had as a young couple, without all the effort you have to go to when you take small children along. Although, looking at the back of the van, I think we’ve packed as much as if we had two toddlers going.

This is my view for the next few days. I’ll update as the view improves.


Now that I think of it, a white panel van full of camera & computer equipment on a long road trip might cause some eyebrows to raise. Hmmm… good thing I have a nice smile. 😉

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