Anniversaries and other stuff

I feel like I haven’t sat down to write in ages, and in truth it has been more than a couple of weeks.  The weeks since the marathon have been filled to overflowing with work, and it seems that I’m just now emerging from under it. I feel like a drowning woman who has finally been able to fight her way to an air pocket, and I think that means there are probably a few major changes headed my way in 2012.  We’ll cross that bridge in a few weeks, for now I’m just going to enjoy Christmas.

I love this season.  It’s the celebration of my Savior’s birth, and although we’ve done everything possible as a society to obscure that fact, it’s still the reason for the season.  Gary and I were married during this season, on the 20th of December, thirty-one years ago.  And, as crazy as getting married five days before Christmas was, it makes this season even more special to me.

Last year, we celebrated thirty years with two weeks in Kona, Hawaii, or, as I frequently think of it, our future home.  😉  This year, we tried to plan a little more simply, and after much thought, we decided on beautiful Savannah, Georgia.  We’ve never been, and it’s been on my bucket list forever.  Seems I’m checking off bucket list items at an alarming rate this year, good thing my list is very long.

We headed to Savannah on Friday, and decided to take a very scenic route, through Apalachicola, Florida.  If you have a map, you’ll see that Apalachicola is really not the most efficient way to get here, but we weren’t in a hurry, so that’s the way we chose.  We spent a very nice evening at “The Hole In the Wall” eating some delicious seafood, rose early and drove to St George Island after breakfast for a mind cleansing beach walk.  Then, we hit the road for the rest of the trip with only stops for bathrooms, gas, and Starbucks.

 St George Island, Florida

We chose the beautiful Gastonian Inn Bed and Breakfast here in Savannah, and I’m not disappointed in the least.  Gary & I try to stay in bed and breakfast when we travel, so we’ve stayed in more than our share.    I think this one tops our list so far.

On the riverwalk at sunset yesterday

So, we’re in Savannah for a few days, we ran the riverfront and historic district the morning, then walked around, took a trolley tour, and are currently winding down some before we decide the evening’s agenda. We’re pretty pooped, so we may just stay in tonight.  The inn offers afternoon tea, then evening dessert and cordials, and, as we’ve sampled quite a lot of the city’s gastronomical delights today, we may just call it a night.

Looking forward to a few days off with my man and a new city to run in and explore.  What’s not to love?  By the way, the photos are courtesy of my NEW IPHONE!!!!!  Santa came early, and I have to say, as phones go, this one’s the BOMB!

One thought on “Anniversaries and other stuff

  1. mizunogirl says:

    that is a very good camera for a camera phone!!! OMG! Seems like a really nice weekend. Have a wonderful Christmas, and I hope a good new year. We have to get together at Seaside. it is going to be crazy.


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