Morning people

I am not a morning person.  This is no secret to those of you who know me.  I like to ease into morning, preferably at Starbucks, gently working my way into the crazy, hectic day.   I’m also not much of a gym rat.  I prefer the wide open outdoors, where I can get my prayer time on and gently ease my way into the day.  So, when my husband and I joined a local gym last month in order to utilize their spin classes, I had some reservations.  When I found out the class that works into our schedule best is at 5:30 a.m., I was filled with something approaching dread.

However, good sport that I am, I put my game face on, laid my spin clothes out the night before, and set the alarm for 4:30.  We went a few times before the marathon, and those seemed to be okay.  I’m giving my legs a break until I can get to my ortho doctor to get checked out to begin half marathon training, so spin is a great alternative to running.  Good workout, stretches out my legs, really works on what ails me.  So, this week we got up on Monday morning and headed to spin.  I brought back a lovely sinus infection from New York, so Monday was not my best effort.  I just did an easy spin, while Gary pedaled to Natchez & back.  That’s the great thing about a spin class, you can go at your own speed.

This morning rolled around and I woke up grouchy.  That’s not terribly unusual, but I was a little grouchier than normal.  I’m feeling better, so I decided if I’m going to get out of my comfy bed that early, I’m going to at least get a good workout.  And I did.  On a scale of 1 to 10, I probably hit 7 a couple of times.

My complaint is this.  5:30 is early.  Too early for dark rooms, loud music, disco lights, and obnoxiously happy people who sing along to all the songs off key.  I’m just saying.  It’s one thing to get up at 4:30 in the morning and go out for a glorious run where you get to hear the birds and night creatures, then be amazed by the beauty of a sunrise.  Sweaty men in bandanna skull caps and bike shorts really aren’t a great start to my day.  Although, they do make me laugh.  So, there is that.

For now, though, I’ll keep on getting up three mornings a week at that obscenely early hour.  I knew what I was getting into when I signed up for it.  And, I’ll admit, I do feel great and I’m glad my workout is done and I’m ready for my day by 7:30.  We’ll see how it goes.  😉

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