Let’s get this party started!!

It’s here!!  Marathon weekend has FINALLY arrived!  We landed in NYC at 9:30 this morning, headed uptown to our hotel, checked in and hit Starbucks.  We left New Orleans way before the sun came up, so we arrived in severe coffee withdrawal.  Got our coffee on, then to Times Square for lunch at Gary’s favorite restaurant, Bubba Gump’s.  You’ve got to admit, you’ve thought “Run, Forrest, Run” at least once about me, right?  So it was appropriate, as well as delicious.  Then on to the Jacob Javitz Convention center for the marathon Expo.  Breezed through the registration line, got my bib number and goodie bag, then out into the massive expo to locate the Social Media center and touch base with our coordinator.

The Expo is fabulous!  The vendors have pulled out all the stops.  Lots of great presenters and info. If you get a chance, stop by.  It’s free and open to the public and you may find something that inspires and motivates you.  A word of warning.  Have you ever been to Macy’s (or any large department store) on Black Friday?  Those shoppers have nothing on these guys.  It’s packed, and the atmosphere is electric and frenzied.  Put your smile on, wear comfortable shoes, and plow on in.  For a schedule of Expo events, click here: http://www.nycmarathon.org/expo_fun.htm

After a short rest in our hotel room, we headed down to Central Park, where opening festivities were about to get underway. Grand stand seating was available, and soon representatives from all the nations participating lined up for a parade.  Entertainment, some presentations to the late Fred Lebow and Grete Waitz, as well as 1994 & 1995 men’s champion German Silva rounded out the parade.  The evening ended with a spectacular fireworks show over Central Park.  I did make pictures, but intrepid photographer and social media reporter that I am, I forgot my card reader at home, so I’ll have to post them on tomorrow’s blog post. We’re done for the evening, it’s been a very long day.

I have to confess, my first view of the finish line was quite a moment for me.  My emotions are right at the surface, so I’m sure that won’t be the last time I tear up.  I’ll try to keep the cheese factor low on these posts, but I’m not making any promises.  I dreamed last night that I missed the bus to the start, but made it down to Staten Island to discover they had moved the starting line.  Made it to the new starting line just as the race began, only to realize I had lost my bib number.  You don’t have to be Freud to understand that race anxiety has settled in. I’m working on dialing it back, if you’re on my prayer warrior team (you know who you are), add that to your list.  I’ve gotten so many messages, e-mails, comments and texts from friends, old and new from all around the country that I am truly humbled.  Thank you guys, for remembering me & sharing this exciting event with me.

Stay tuned – more to come!  Now, where is that bib number?

2 thoughts on “Let’s get this party started!!

  1. mizunogirl says:

    Jayne! I am very excited for you! Will be praying that you achieve your goal with all the bells and whistles possible. And have no fear now that you have dreamed all those disasterous things, none of them will come to pass. I've never had a drem to run the NYC Marathon, but I will admit, I am a bit jealous of you being in NYC now. What a great place to visit!!!Very proud of you!


  2. Jayne says:

    Hi Jayne – I was thinking about you this morning as the Today show was talking about the weather for the race. Cool temps make for great running. You have trained well and I know you will find a glorious finish.


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