Just Do It

No, this isn’t a Nike endorsement.  I don’t think I even own very much Nike gear.  But, as I’ve discovered this week, their tagline is spot on. I hate to be a whiner.  Spoiler alert:  this post will be a little more whiney than usual.  But, hang wih me, it lightens up a little.  

The marathon is T minus 130 days and counting.  My long runs haven’t been spectacular, they’ve just gotten done.  My shorter training runs have been spotty and inconsequential.  I’ve been more than a little frustrated with lack of progress, and I’ve been really frustrated the last week about the lack of weight loss.  So, I’ve indulged in little pity parties.  And, instead of getting up early to run, I’ve rolled back over and snuggled down.  Who needs it?  I’m slow, ungainly,  and obviously my attempts at fitness are misguided. When you envision me running, think penguin, not cheetah.   The weight stays steady, but for this week, this moment, that’s not enough.  

Last week, I did a little cross training, but my running mojo was completely gone.   There was no desire, no motivation, no deep seated voice screaming to get out there and run.  So, I didn’t run.  I had a very physical weekend coming up, and I used that as an excuse not to overtire myself.  Yes, I really did justify it that way.

The stressful weekend passed, and a new Monday dawned.  I woke up at 7 am, too late to scrounge together running gear & get out for a run in this heat.  If I’m not headed out by 5:30 am, heat stroke knocks.  Last summer, I had my first bout with heat exhaustion and it nearly derailed my half marathon training.  Fortunately, the fall race was my third of the year and I had built a relatively strong running base, so my training didn’t suffer over much.  The marathon is a different animal entirely.  I haven’t attempted this distance before, and I know from my training runs that you can’t cheat this distance.

So, this morning, I was headed out by 5:15.  Happy?  No.  Just doing it.  My mojo has fled, but I know that the only way to get it back is to Just. Do. It.  So I am.  One foot in front of the other.  One day at a time.

I wouldn’t mind some cheering from the cheap seats.

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